FM 1460 North (North of University/Chandler to Quail Valley Drive)

Location FM 1460 from North of University Boulevard (Chandler Road) to Quail Valley Drive
Description The project will reconstruct FM 1460 to four lane divided section including signal and bridge improvements.
Status The project was awarded on August 28, 2014 by the Texas Department of Transportation to OHL, Inc. ROW Acquisition is complete. Construction is underway and is anticipated to be completed in Summer 2018.
The FM 1460 project in Williamson County is moving into its next phase of construction and introducing newly constructed lanes for drivers. This design modification will change the way motorists currently drive on FM 1460 between Quail Valley Drive and SE Inner Loop. 
Starting at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 6, traffic will be redirected to the new lanes just north of Quail Valley Drive to SE Inner Loop. Once through the SE Inner Loop intersection, traffic will travel on the newly constructed southbound mainlanes, merging back onto the existing FM 1460, just north of Westinghouse Drive.  Once through the Westinghouse Drive intersection, traffic will be merged onto the new southbound mainlanes until University Drive. (See attached map.)
During the next phase of construction, TxDOT crews will be constructing the new northbound FM 1460 mainlanes from SE Inner Loop to University Drive.  Crews will also be constructing Westinghouse Drive, east of FM 1460. The project is expected to continue until spring 2018.  

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